Xiyue temple(西岳庙)

There is the Xiyue temple .It has 2100 years history .It is located five miles east of Huayin city and is where emperors offered sacrifices to the gods of Mt. Hua. This temple occupies an important place in Chinese architecture history, as it served as a place where emperors could privately offer sacrifices to the gods , they also believed that offering sacrifices to the gods demonstated their power. Xiyue Temple is the biggist temple located on China’s Five Famous Mountain. It is 119880 square meters large and is called the first temple of Five Famous Mountain. This temple is in axial symmetry, whose scale is only second to that of royal palaces and temples .Indeed , it is so magnificent that it is consider a miniature of the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Now, Let’s look at the climbing way .There are three ways to Mt. Hua. They are the ancient road, the hero road and the cableway .