Yuquan Garden(玉泉院)

Here is the ancient road .It starts from Yuquan Garden. It is one of Northern China’s famous Taoist temples and a center for Taoist religious activities. This garden was built between 1049-1051during Song Dynasty, in honor of the famous grandmaster Chen Tuan.

The road is 6 kilometers long and has 9567 steps .It takes about 4 hours to the North peak. You can see many famous sight spot ,such as the Thousand-foot precipice, the Hundred-foot crevice , Laojun’s Furrow and so on .

The second road is the hero’s path. You can take the bus to the under of the road .It is 2 killometers and takes about 2 hours to the North peak .

The third approach is the cableway .It takes about 6 minites to the North peak .