the West peak(西峰)

Let’s look at the West peak .It is also called the Lotus Flower peak , for that there is a hug stone which looks like a lotus leaf. It is the most beautiful peak of Mt. Hua. The famous legend “the lotus lantern” happened here. It was said that a goddess Sanshengmu fed in love with a mortal man and they got married .but it was not allowed according to the rules of the heaven. Several years later, her old brother Er Lang still furious at his sister’ s impropriety, captuers and imprisons her under Mt. Hua. But she gave birth to a young son named ChenXiang. When he grew up , and he discovered what had happen to his mother ,he managed to take back the magical lotus lantern and he was helped by the gods. In ChenXiang’ s decisive battle against his evil uncle. Finally , he use the lotus lantern and the axe rescued his mother .